Benefits of Pet Microchipping

Pet microchipping has been around for a number of years, but not all owners are aware of the importance and the benefits that the practice offers. Every year, hundreds of thousands of pets go missing from their homes, becoming lost or running away. Many are stolen by opportunistic thieves, and worryingly, a growing number are targeted specifically with the intention of breeding them, due to the high demand for pedigree puppies and kittens.

Microchipping your pet is something that every responsible owner should do in order to help keep their pet safe.

What are pet microchips and how do they work?

Pet microchips are actually tiny radio frequency identification devices, also known as RFIDs. Approximately the same size as a grain of rice, they are inserted in to your pet’s body where they lay dormant until they come into contact with a microchip scanner. When this happens, the chip transmits a unique number that can be detected by the scanner. This unique number correlates to a file on a secure, centralized database that contains the contact information for the pet’s owners, meaning that they can then be contacted to let them know that their pet has been found.

Are my personal details safe?

In this modern world, it is natural to be concerned about the safety of your personal information. Rest assured, the contact information that you provide for your pet’s microchip is stored on a secure database and not on the chip inside your pet.

Benefits of pet microchipping

Losing your pet can be devastating, regardless of the reason behind it. While microchipping cannot prevent a determined animal from escaping and running away, it will increase the likelihood that your beloved pet will be returned to you. When your animal is found, it can be taken to a veterinarian who will scan the microchip and use the number to find your details on the database. You can then be contacted to collect your animal.

While every owner of a missing pet hopes and prays that their animal is found safe and well, the sad reality is that unfortunately a large number of them become ill or injured and have passed away by the time that they are found.

If you advertise the fact that your animal is microchipped, you could deter potential thieves. You can do this by mentioning it on social media, or by buying a special “I am microchipped” collar or similarly-themed window sticker.

Pet microchipping is a useful tool in ownership disputes. Some pets look extremely alike, and it can be difficult for owners or professionals to tell who the pet actually belongs to. By microchipping your pet, you can settle ownership disputes easily before the situation potentially turns ugly.

What happens if I move to a new house?

Microchipping offers a huge advantage in that owner details can be swapped or updated with ease. You will need to contact the database provider that your pet is registered with, providing identification to verify you as the current owner. You can then update your details or transfer ownership to another party as needed.

Microchipping is a simple, safe and extremely effective practice that can help reunite you with your beloved pet if you ever have the misfortune of becoming separated. Make an appointment at All Paws Veterinary Clinic today!